“ Global advocacy and rights of people with disabilities ”


The 3rd World Disability & Rehabilitation Conference 2018 invites people with disabilities, and researchers, practitioners, policy makers, industry experts, university faculty and staff members along with advocates and volunteers working with people with disabilities to submit their abstracts. The theme of WDRC 2018 is Global advocacy and rights of people with disabilities ”

The abstract can be   conceptual, empirical, experiential or theoretical work. Workshops, panel discussions, papers and poster presentations which will be considered in any of following the areas below:

Conference Tracks

  • Policies, and Laws promoting rights of people (or individuals) with disabilities
  • Implementation of the United Nations Rights of Persons with Disabilities in developing and developed countries
  • Advocacy initiatives to promote access to education across the life span
  • Access to health services for people with disabilities
  • Facilitating career and employment opportunities
  • Disability and Sports: A platform for Development and Inclusion
  • Equalization of Opportunities and Independent Living for individuals with Disabilities

Disability & Rehabilitation Conference

Submit your research paper to ( abstract@disabilityconference.co ) before the Deadline. If accepted by the reviewing committee, your research findings are entitled to all modes of Oral, Poster or Virtual presentations. View Abstract guidelines