World Disability and Rehabilitation Conference

The 9th World Disability and Rehabilitation Conference 2024

September 02nd – 03rd 2024 in Bali, Indonesia

Hybrid Conference

Theme: “Awareness, Inclusiveness, Accessibility in a Changing World – Learn how to take action supporting People with Disabilities in a world with geopolitical, climate, and immigration changes.”

Embrace the transformative future at the 9th World Disability and Rehabilitation Conference 2024 (WDRC 2024)!

At WDRC 2024, expect illuminating discussions, groundbreaking insights, and invaluable networking opportunities, all aimed at fostering a more inclusive world. Join this pivotal event to be part of shaping a future where diversity and accessibility reign supreme. Together, let’s catalyze change and create a world that celebrates and supports all abilities.

“Empower collaboration, worldwide impact in disability studies advancement”

WDRC 2024 is a collaborative hub designed to unite academicians, professionals, policymakers, and scholars, facilitating the exchange of insights and experiences to advance disability studies and global rehabilitation efforts. Emphasizing active engagement from the global south, the conference is dedicated to empowering students and professionals by providing substantial opportunities to enhance their resources and networks, thereby fostering their crucial role in the ongoing development and enhancement of global disability studies and rehabilitation practices.

This gathering is dedicated to advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an ambitious blueprint for a more prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable world.

Theme: “Awareness, Inclusiveness, Accessibility in a Changing World – Learn how to take action supporting People with Disabilities in a world with geopolitical, climate, and immigration changes.”
Conference Main Tracks
  • Disability Rights and Advocacy
  • Assistive Technology and Innovation
  • Health Systems and Social Protection
  • Education, Employment, and Entrepreneurship
  • Mental Health and Well-being
  • Sports, Recreation, and Accessible Design
  • Aging, Disability, and Geriatric Rehabilitation
  • Disaster Risk Reduction and Humanitarian Action
  • Technology and Smart Living
  • Rehabilitation and Therapy

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06th August 2024

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24th July 2024

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September 02nd – 03rd 2024 in Bali, Indonesia

Hybrid Conference

Conference Venue

ASTON Denpasar Hotel & Convention Center

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ASTON Denpasar Hotel & Convention Center 

Inspiring Global Speakers

Conference Chair

Dr. Loren O’Connor

President of WDRPA, Former University Assistant Vice
Chancellor, Office of Accessible Education.
Kolpin &

O’Connor Global Consultants, LLC.

Dr. Joel Snyder, PhD

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Joel Snyder, PhD

The President of Audio Description Associates, LLC
The Founding Director Emeritus of the Audio Description Project of the American Council of the Blind

Associate Professor Eliza Chandler

Keynote Speaker

Assoc Prof. Eliza Chandler

Co-Director of Bodies in Translation Project
School of Disability Studies
Toronto Metropolitan University

Aiko Akiyama

Keynote Speaker

Aiko Akiyama

Expert Disability Inclusion
Social Affairs Officer, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Section, Social Development Division
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)

Dr. Jose Frantz

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Jose Frantz

Co-Director of Bodies in Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation
University of the Western Cape
South Africa

Prof. Gerry Duwin Dela Zerna

Plenary Speaker

Dr. Gerry Duwin Dela Zerna

The President and CEO
Guided and Unified Interaction for the Development of Children, Inc.

Elevating Skills and Expertise: Professional Development Workshops

Mr. Kasunjith Satanarachchi
Mr. Kasunjith Satanarachchi

Independent Disability Rights Advocate

Workshop on “Empowering Change: Diverse Abilities Towards a Barrier-Free Future

A transformative workshop designed for project officers and NGOs committed to fostering inclusivity and accessibility.

Dr. Thierry Kolpin

Vice President of WDRPA
Kolpin & O’Connor Global Consultants, LLC.)

Workshop on “Mental Health: The Cornerstone of Health and Well-being: Exploring Aspects, Addressing Issues, and Fostering Open Conversations Across Diverse Populations”

This workshop, centered on mental health and psychological issues, offers a comprehensive discussion on the challenges faced by diverse populations.

Thematic Workshop

“Advancing the spectrums of geopolitical, climate, and immigration changes through the avenues of Awareness, Inclusiveness, Accessibility for the Persons with Disabilities in a transitioning world.”

Workshop on “Empowering Independence: Navigating Assistive Technologies for Enhanced Accessibility in Daily Life”

A mind-blowing workshop which is designed to empower individuals by exploring the world of assistive technologies.

“Holistic Well-being Breaks”

This session is inclusively designed to provide participants with rejuvenating moments that prioritize both mental and physical health.

Optimizing Networking Experiences: WDRC 2024's Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

One-to-One Collaboration Sessions

Unlock the full potential of collaboration with our One-to-One Collaboration Sessions, designed exclusively for fostering institutional partnerships.

Round Table Discussions

This is an excellent opportunity to share insights, exchange ideas, and foster collaboration within a focused and intimate setting.

MOU Signing Time for Partners

Join us for a significant and formal occasion during the ICOPH 2024, the MOU Signing Time for Partners.

Student Chat Time with Co-Chairs and Key Speakers

This special session aims to create a unique space for students to engage in meaningful discussions with influential figures in their respective fields.

Partner’s Dinner

Engage with key decision-makers, thought leaders, and influencers in a relaxed and conducive setting.

Special Engagement Sessions for Virtual Participants:

Engage in lively discussions on key conference topics. Our virtual engagement sessions are designed to facilitate meaningful conversations, ensuring that your voice is heard and your insights are valued.

Call for Storytellers

Listen to passionate storytellers from diverse backgrounds as they share their compelling narratives and experiences at the WDRC Conference 2024. Join us to hear stories of strength, resilience, and challenges that redefine societal perspectives on disability.

If you have a story to tell, the “Call for Storytellers” is now open. We invite narratives that amplify the experiences of individuals with disabilities, address crucial issues, and provide insights into building an inclusive and empowering future.

Opportunities at WDRC 2024

Be a Volunteer!

Are you enthusiastic about creating an impact and do you possess a keen desire to offer your abilities, passion, and commitment to a vibrant team? Become an essential part of our conference team and help create an unforgettable experience for our participants.

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Scholarship Program

Discover your potential through the Gender and Sexuality  Scholarship Program! We provide partial registration fee waive-offs to support your conference participation. Apply for an opportunity to receive a scholarship and join us in this transformative experience.

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Be a Country Coordinator

To become a Country Coordinator for WDRC 2024, send your contact and background details to Ms. Keshari Ambara at Your involvement could significantly contribute to the success of the event. Don’t hesitate to express interest and potentially join our team for World Disability and Rehabilitation Conference 2024

Publication Opportunities in WDRC 2024

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Featured Peer – Reviewed Journals

As a conference Participant in the conference, you have the opportunity to submit your comprehensive manuscripts to internationally accredited, peer-reviewed journals, associated with esteemed publishing entities. Subsequent to submission, your manuscript will undergo rigorous quality assessments. Only manuscripts that successfully meet the established scholarly standards will be considered for publication.


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