Workshop 01

“Empowering Inclusion: Advancing Disability Rights and Counseling”

Dr. Hemlata

Dr. (Mrs.) Hemlata

Director at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

Dr. (Mrs.) Hemlata is a highly accomplished Special Educator in the field of Mental Retardation. Currently she is working as Additional Director in National Centre for Disability Studies, IGNOU. In 1993, she received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the Institute of Social Sciences at Agra University, with her thesis focusing on “Some Aspects of Social Change in Villages of Agra District.” Her supervisors granted her permission to publish her thesis. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Hemlata has held various positions at the National Centre for Disability Studies, IGNOU, including Director, Deputy Director, and Additional Director. She has also worked with Media Lab Asia as a Senior Research Scientist and the Rehabilitation Council of India as a Project Director and Senior Programme Officer. Her key project areas include disability and human rights, sexual health and harassment, and counseling. Dr. Hemlata has also published several books and chapters on critical issues in special education and technology for the inclusion of persons with disabilities. In recognition of her outstanding contributions, she received the Best Professional Award from the Indian Association of Rehabilitation Professionals in 2011, conferred by Dr. Karan Singh at the Fourth National Rehabilitation Science Congress.

Workshop 02

“Building Bridges of Empowerment: Enabling Resilient Communities through Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation”

Mr. Joe John George

Mr. Joe John George

Disability Inclusive,
DRR Expert

Joe John George is a social worker by profession with over 15 years of extensive experience working with government, UN, international and national NGOs. He has expertise in Disaster Risk Reduction, Disability Inclusive DRR, Climate Change Adaptation, Community Development, Child Rights, Micro Credit & Micro Enterprises. George has worked with multiple organizations and has taken up different roles.

At UNICEF, George currently works as a DRR Consultant responsible for implementing climate change and disaster risk reduction initiatives in the state of Kerala with the support of government departments. He conducts state-level climate assemblies for children and youths with the support of Kerala Legislative Assembly. He liaisons between UNICEF and government institutions/organizations like KSDMA and develops concept notes and strategy papers to promote climate change agendas or platforms of discussion.

He has won the Special Jury Award by National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People; Sept. 2022.   

Workshop 03

Mr. Nekram Upadhyay

Mr. Nekram Upadhyay

Head, Department of Assistive Technology, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre & PhD Scholar at Delhi Technological University, India

Panel Discussion on "Global Empowerment through Collaboration and Exchange: Advancing Disability Rehabilitation Worldwide"

Dr. Loren O’Connor

Dr. Loren O’Connor

President of WDRPA, Former University Assistant Vice
Chancellor, Office of Accessible Education. and/or Kolpin &
O’Connor Global Consultants, LLC.)


Dr. Thierry Kolpin


Christina Cassady

Christina Cassady

Deepthi N. Shanbhag

Dr. Deepthi N. Shanbhag


Dr. Lynn Rose

Dr. Lynn Rose


Dr. Bunsung Heng

Dr. June Njama

Dr. June Njama (BDS, MDS)


Dr. Mungai

Dr. Mbugua Wa Mungai

Abigail O. Akande, Ph.D., CRC

Dr. Abigail O. Akande


Publication Workshop

New Trends in Special Education Research and Publishing”

Date: 11th November 2022 | Time: 08.00 a.m. – 09.00 a.m. IST

Dissemination of research findings is an essential part of the scientific research process.  Hence, it is of utmost importance for a researcher who is writing a full paper with the aim of publishing in a reputable journal or in a reputable proceeding.  Furthermore, getting a paper published in a reputable peer-reviewed journal or proceeding is an important milestone for researchers.

All conference participants are welcome to participate in this workshop.


This workshop will discuss the issues related to research and publication and especially it will;

  • Research and Publication on Special Education
  • New Trends in Research and Publications
  • Importance and challenges of publishing research with regards to Special Education
  • The scholarly writing style and related tactics
  • Appropriate data interpretation techniques in the discipline

Prof. Dr. Hakan SARI

Department of Special Education, Faculty of Education, Necmettin Erbakan University, Konya, Turkey

Workshop 02

“A Process for Making Sure Assistive Technology is the Solution and Not a Problem”

Time Duration: 45 Minutes

Prof. Marcia J. Scherer

University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
New York

The Matching Person and Technology (MPT) assessment forms and process are the subject of a new book designed for provider-user teams in technology selection for a person with a disability.  The forms consist of questions to guide the provider-user team in understanding the user's needs, priorities and preferences regarding a technology solution and avoid the frustration that can come from a poor person-device match.  They are freely available online and have been validated globally.  This workshop will present and discuss the forms and the MPT process

Workshop 03

“Facilitating Career and Employment Opportunities”

Time Duration: 45 Minutes

Ms. Manique Gunaratne

Specialised Training and Disability Resource Centre
The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon
Sri Lanka

Workshop 04

“Sexuality, Sexual Expression and Relationships”

Time Duration: 45 Minutes

Jennie Williams

CEO, Enhance the UK

Jennie Williams is the founder and CEO of Enhance The UK, a user-led charity campaigning to change public perceptions of disability. Enhance The UK provide face to face and virtual training to businesses and organisations on a variety of different topics surrounding disability awareness. All of their training is delivered by disabled trainers, utilising a powerful combination of expert knowledge, and lived experience. Jennie is very passionate about the charity’s Undressing Disability campaign, which focuses on the sexual rights of disabled people. 

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