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International Panel Discussion on “Awareness, Inclusiveness, Accessibility in a Changing World; Actively supporting Persons with Disabilities amidst a Dynamic World”

This Panel Discussion represents a progressive initiative which has the potential to make a substantial impact on awareness and positive transformation. This panel discussion seeks to illuminate pathways for advancing awareness, inclusivity, and accessibility in a world undergoing transitions advocating to the following pathways:

  • Promoting awareness among the public, professionals, and policymakers about the challenges faced by PWDs (Persons with Disabilities)
    Enhancing the inclusiveness in all aspects towards a world for PWDs to live with equity and dignity.
  • Advancements in accessibility adapting to the new technologies
  • Emphasizes the need for inclusive immigration policies and services

Round Table Discussion

Dive into Vibrant Conversations: Unleash the Power of Round Table Sessions!
Embark on an immersive journey of insightful discussions during our exclusive Round Table Sessions which are meticulously crafted to serve as a vibrant platform for deep conversations aligned with five compelling themes. This is your golden opportunity to not only share invaluable insights but also to exchange ideas and nurture collaborations in an environment that is both focused and meaningful.

a. “Empowering Equality: Unleashing the Force of Disability Rights, Advocacy, and Intersectionality”
b. “Innovations in Accessibility: Navigating the Frontier of Assistive Technology”
c. “Revolutionizing Well-being: Transformative Dialogues on Health Systems, Services, and Social Protection”
d. “Shaping Futures: The Nexus of Education, Employment, and Entrepreneurship”
e. “Harmony of Mind and Body: A Deep Dive into Mental Health, Well-being, and Self-care”

The Round Table Sessions are not just discussions lasting for 45 minutes; they are the everlasting heartbeat of transformation. Reserve your seat, be a driving force of change, and let the symphony of diverse voices harmonize in creating a future that embraces inclusivity and accessibility. Register now and prepare to be part of something extraordinary!


Workshop on “Empowering Change: Diverse Abilities Towards a Barrier-Free Future”

A transformative workshop designed for project officers and NGOs committed to fostering inclusivity and accessibility. This workshop goes beyond the basics, aiming to inspire attitudinal change and empower participants to create a future where barriers are dismantled, and diverse abilities are celebrated.
By the end of the workshop, participants will leave with a renewed commitment to creating a barrier-free future and practical strategies to implement inclusive practices in their respective projects. “Empowering Change” is not just a workshop; it’s a call to action for building a society where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can thrive.

Thematic Workshop

Highlighting the theme of WDRC 2024, an insightful Thematic Workshop will be presented, focusing on “Advancing the spectrums of geopolitical, climate, and immigration changes through the avenues of Awareness, Inclusiveness, Accessibility for the Persons with Disabilities in a transitioning world.”, This workshop aims to facilitate a timely and insightful dialogue that aligns with the overarching objectives of the conference.

Workshop on
“Empowering Independence: Navigating Assistive Technologies for Enhanced Accessibility in Daily Life”


A mind-blowing workshop which is designed to empower individuals by exploring the world of assistive technologies. Participants will delve into the latest advancements that enhance accessibility in various aspects of daily life for individuals with diverse abilities. The workshop aims to provide practical insights into the use of assistive technologies, fostering independence and inclusivity. Through hands-on demonstrations and discussions, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the tools available to improve accessibility and enrich the daily experiences of individuals with disabilities.

Workshop on
Mental Health: The Cornerstone of Health and Well-being: Exploring Aspects, Addressing Issues, and Fostering Open Conversations Across Diverse Populations”


This workshop, centered on mental health and psychological issues, offers a comprehensive discussion on the challenges faced by diverse populations. Participants will engage in a thoughtful exploration of mental health issues, focusing on understanding, addressing, and overcoming challenges. The workshop will delve into effective coping strategies, fostering resilience, and promoting overall well-being for individuals from various backgrounds.

“Holistic Well-being Breaks”

This session is inclusively designed to provide participants with rejuvenating moments that prioritize both mental and physical health. These breaks aim to create a supportive environment that recognizes the interconnectedness of well-being and overall productivity.

  • Blissful Moments: Joyful Mindfulness and Well-being Activities
    • Laughter Yoga
      Laughter is a powerful stress-reliever. Engage participants in laughter yoga to combine laughter exercises with yogic deep-breathing techniques.
    • Gratitude Journaling
      Encourage participants to reflect on positive aspects of their lives through gratitude journaling.
    • Dance Meditation
      Guided dance meditation sessions to promote self-expression and emotional release.
    • Mindful Eating Experience
      Encourage participants to savor each bite, paying attention to flavors, textures, and sensations. 

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